Simplifying Compliance with
Practical and Innovative Solutions.

SBNY’s services are endless in the compliance and consulting profession. Clients reach out to us during the earliest stages of planning, mid-way through a project or during the close out phase. No matter what step a client is at, SBNY takes any project, performs the proper due diligence, and delivers quality results.

Owner's Representation

An owner’s representative oversees construction, the design of buildings and facilities making sure that the owner’s interests are met through out the process.
SBNY takes this from project inception through completion, providing comprehensive guidance and employing a purposeful strategic team who understands the client’s unique goal and mission.

Code & Zoning

While zoning and building codes are closely related, they both serve different functions. Building codes focus on building construction and life safety, while zoning targets land and building use. In a nutshell, SBNY simplifies the complexities of code and zoning compliance to facilitate the best results tailored to each project’s goal.


Strategic phasing at the regulatory city agencies for approval, permit and sign-off are critical to a project’s schedule. SBNY’s team of experts uses extreme quality control to avoid lengthy delays and ensures all aspects of municipal review and approval to meet our client’s expectations.

Project Management

Project Compliance Management is a way of making various processes work together. Therefore, SBNY’s project compliance team is involved in overseeing and coordinating compliance at all levels of the project, while managing those interdependencies critical to the project schedule. SBNY maintains full transparency between the client and the project.

Inspection Coordination

Inspections are a critical component to every construction project. During the construction process, inspections are conducted to verify that work is being done in accordance to the approved plans and specifications. SBNY strategically schedules and coordinates all required inspections to maximize timed efficiency, avoiding any unnecessary delays and additional costs.


Violations are issued when a property is not in compliance with the rules and regulations mandated by the city. SBNY evaluates each violation’s corrective actions to create a disciplinary schedule and outline a path for remediation.

The Team

SBNY is a team of devoted professionals who are always there to help our clients. We pride ourselves on being personable, well versed and accommodating for all our client’s requests and needs. We will always have an answer to guide you in the right direction and assist in your respective project.